The most important piece of advice I can provide is to avoid using credit cards. In today’s world, it is all too simple to get trapped in the rat race. The credit card business is well-versed in how to manipulate consumers. Let’s look at how can you avoid personal bankruptcy in London?

Using this as a general rule of thumb, you may expect to spend twice as much if you charge it. That is too pricey. For the last 35 years, my wife and I have not made a single credit card payment.

The second bit of advice: don’t purchase anything until you have the money to pay for it. Deferred gratification is an extremely pleasurable experience. Additionally, if you are required to hand up cash, it is simpler to avoid temptations. We also accept cash in exchange for automobiles.

The third piece of advice is to pay off your mortgage and automobile as soon as you are able to. Just by increasing the amount of principal you pay, you may reduce the length of your mortgage by half. By increasing the principle thrice, you have reduced the sum by 66 percent.

You just only a little amount of revenue to be able to survive without these payments. We were able to pay off our mortgage 15 years ago. I would have been able to contribute more to my 401(k) if these payments had not been made (K).

The fourth piece of advice is to get a secondhand automobile that is of a more recent model. A car’s value depreciates rapidly; take advantage of this depreciation and let the other man foot the bill for the vehicle.

The fifth piece of advice is to stay away from gambling establishments and lotteries. Statistically speaking, you are up against it. Poor people are responsible for keeping the lottery afloat.

The sixth piece of advice is to refrain from viewing television commercials. Advertisers are masters at influencing the emotions of their target audiences. They have spent millions of dollars perfecting the art of persuasion.

You will also save a significant amount of time. The advertisement portion of a half-hour broadcast takes up to 10 minutes of time. That takes up one-third of your available time. You will spend the first twenty minutes of an hour-long presentation having your brain cleansed.

We are living in strange circumstances right now, with much less social capital. Our fundamental mentality, on the other hand, has not altered. Although we do not live in a tightly knit tribal environment in which we might feel embarrassed, being poor still seems like a humiliating situation.

Not because of its difficulties, but rather because of the social fall that it entails from a high social status to an underclass. Dealing with the practical difficulties of being homeless or trash diving is likely to be less taxing than dealing with the social fallout of being homeless or dumpster diving. This is how can you avoid personal bankruptcy in London.

Remember that living a simple life is far simpler than living a complicated one.

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