While clients realize that high-quality legal services are costly, they are increasingly scrutinizing and questioning billable hours. Clients, whether educated or not, have preconceived ideas about how long various legal activities should take. Below are the 5 ways leading law firms stay competitive.

Legal Software which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), efficiently completes activities that have historically slowed down law firm resources, leaving customers pleasantly surprised at how far their legal expenses extend.

Cost management is important for us as a legal business. However, like with any company, cost control is limited. You must alter your work style in order to increase your profit margin. You must increase firm-level efficiency.


A frequent concern among legal customers is that lawyers just do not respond quickly enough. If a customer waits more than 24 hours for a response, he or she may get unsatisfied. While human interaction is necessary for customer contact, technology may significantly decrease the time required to reply to queries.

Among the features available to law firms are smart predictive searches that assist users in weeding out hundreds of irrelevant leads and rapidly accessing important information. The sophisticated AI speaks in the same manner as you do, responding to queries in simple, straightforward phrases.

Thus saving lawyers, paralegals, and other professionals the time-consuming task of sifting through a long results list. The more quickly you can get answers to your inquiries, the more quickly you can respond to your customers.


Legal consumers do not like the prospect of having to seek for a new legal company each time a new requirement emerges. They want counsel from a reputable and trustworthy source. They want a company they can rely on and recommend to their friends, family, and business connections.

When selecting a trustworthy partner for a potentially decades-long commercial relationship, a client wants to ensure that the law firm is not only capable of resolving current problems, but also prepared to handle future ones. When a law firm adopts cutting-edge technology, it sends a strong statement that they are committed to meeting today’s and tomorrow’s legal requirements.

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Finally, customers need assistance with an issue and will judge your company and their probability of returning on the basis of the outcomes they get. To achieve effective outcomes, leading law firms are using the potential of sophisticated litigation technologies.

Among its many capabilities, Litigation Analytics enables customers to better understand judges their proclivity for ruling, their attitude to expert testimony, and other aspects. Naturally, technology is only as good as its creators and maintainers.

The AI that powers Litigation Analytics was trained by hundreds of top attorney editors and is based on more than 140 years of editing experience.

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The function of an attorney as a trusted advisor and advocate will never be supplanted by technology. AI will never be able to fully replace the actual thing. What these technologies can do is free up your people’s time, enabling them to direct their expertise and intuition on the most critical task at hand serving your customers.

Clients want results, but they also desire a sense of worth and respect. Only individuals are capable of doing so, and they do it more effectively when given more time to advise, listen, and serve.

Law companies thrive when their time-honored assets qualified attorneys, skilled employees, and attentive client service are augmented by cutting-edge technology. Discover how legal software assisting law firms in thriving in today’s competitive legal market. This concludes the 5 ways leading law firms stay competitive using legal AI powered software.


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