Are individual attorneys depending too much on the marketing departments of their law firms, rather than taking control of their very own marketing? Therefore a marketing strategy for lawyers is crucial in todays competitive environment in which Law firms operate.

As a lawyer, developing a client base was always about establishing a reputation for oneself and establishing a network of connections. Thus, although marketing divisions in law firms may assist, they cannot transform an attorney into one with a healthy book of business. This requires a lawyer to take the initiative.

With several law firms failing, AI/software likely to take over part of the work performed by attorneys, and businesses capturing a significant portion of the commercial legal support market, it would seem stupid for lawyers not to be rushing to establish a name for oneself.

Leaders of large and medium-sized legal firms, as well as the attorneys employed by these companies, who believe they will survive the changes sound a lot like news outlets and media players from a decade ago. Or maybe like Macy’s, the country’s biggest conventional retailer, which is shutting shops as more people buy online.

A senior lawyer at a 400-lawyer firm recently informed me that he does not believe his business will survive in its current form. “In-house counsel may be terminated for failing to utilize Cravath, but not for refusing to use the firm,” thus pointing out that prices are decreasing, in-house counsel are increasing efficiency via technology, and companies are moving more work in-house.

The Internet is an incredible tool for establishing a lawyer’s identity and connections. However, this will not occur with a group weblog that lacks enthusiasm (particularly one that is embedded inside a website), biographies of attorneys, and a focus on generating traffic to the website and their content.

When attorneys understand how to engage influencers, potential clients, clients, and referrals in a genuine and honest manner, the Internet works for them. The goal is to utilize personal legal blogging and social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to position yourself as a trusted expert in a specialty and to develop connections, not for publicity, SEO, or traffic.

Therefore the marketing strategy for lawyers is important for lawyer to be consistent in generating leads and keeping their pipeline healthy.